Linux is loved by millions of users all over the world, because it is secure, fast, customizable and most importantly ‘free’ (as in freedom).

Distrobution is a pilot project of FossNaija to help in put Linux in the hands of many Nigerians as possible. This is in line with the principles of Free and Open source software (FOSS), which ensure that any ‘free’ software should guarantee the freedom of its users to modify and share (distribute) to any other person.

Every Lover of FOSS/Linux can be a part of this campaign by trying as much as possible to share Linux with someone in their area – even to the extent of installing it for them.

We at FossNaija through this distrobution platform, would be distributing DVDs and Memory cards containing some Linux distros like Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora, Zorin, Tails. And in the future we would like to add other user-friendly distros.

Subsequently various distrobution hubs (distrohubs) would be created in different part f the country to ease the distribution of discs and memory cards.

If you’re interested in trying Linux and want to get a Linux DVD or memory card, or want to assist in its distribution in your area. Contact us and we’d try our best (as within our power) to get it to you.

If you’d voluntarily contribute a token in whatever form to cover cost, we would gladly appreciate it. Use the avenue below to get to us and know how you can do this.

[email protected]


#fossnaija #distrobution

Linux is a trademark of Linus Torvalds. All other trademarks are the priority of their respective owners.

Use it. Share it!…and Happy Linux’NG!

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