How ICT can catalyze job creation

By | September 14, 2016

With a dwindled international oil price and pipeline vandalism going on in the country, expanding and maximizing the economic benefits of a robust ICT framework would be a step in the right direction for various reasons among which are given below.

The world is changing and moving at a very fast pace, and people are trying to keep up. Humans would always go for anything that would help them to keep up with the pace at which technology is transforming the way we live. The need for automation has skyrocketed and in no way showing any sign of coming down soon. ICT is the only rescue available that can harvest these opportunities. Taking a look at the way technology have over the years simplify how we do some certain things should be a motivation. For instance, traditional news media have replaced with news feeds, blogging, social media and even email news alert where you are notified of an event ten minutes after occurring instead of waiting for the evening news or tomorrow’s paper. Streaming services have replaced having to buy movies and music CDs, and then looking for space to stock pile them. ICT can do more if properly developed and channeled.

The beautiful thing is that technology has become a necessities (no longer as it was like in 1996 – 9) and a necessity that would always be economically viable. Almost everything now needs one form of technology or the other. We now have cars that can drive themselves, taking pictures and making videos with drones, taking taxi with a phone app, video calling love ones across the globe, almost every TV station in the country now have news apps and so many more. People definitely would be needed with the necessary skills to be able to program and utilize these technologies and the number of services that could be built around the tech eco-system.

ICT has a very high return on investment. Examples include Facebook, eBay, Whatsapp, Instagram, Google, and PayPal among others. When these companies were created, within a short period of time they became multimillion and multibillion in valuation. The richest people in the world are in one way or the other into ICT. Among them are Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Carlos slim, oracle founder, and the likes.

In conclusion

It is wonderful to note that in the heart of ICT development of a stable ICT system lies FOSS. This is because of the community-based nature and economically low barrier of entry, FOSS can help in accelerating ICT development in the country (and Continent). So different avenues should be created to enable the incubation of ICT development in the country. I think among other things, the first place to begin in this development is the fixing of the nation’s Electrical Power system.

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