You and the Shadow of open Source Software



The world of open source is not a distant wonderland where everybody lives happily ever after – as many would like to paint it. Instead of being a far-to-reach utopia, open source is closer to you than you think even more than your shadow – huh, just think about that for a moment.



There are many tech devices that we now use and can hardly do without on a daily basis. Many of these devices (a very LARGE proportion of them) are powered on open source software. Among them are stuffs like Playstation 4 (PS4), Nintendo Switch, Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple Watch, MacBook, Apple TV, Roku, Nest and so many many more.



In fact if you can read this post wherever you are bright now there is one thing around you that is running an open source…ish software. JUST TRY IT!

So when next you think about open source, don’t think about the wonderland instead about your shadow.

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Happy Linux’NG!

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