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Why these 5 myths about the Linux command-line are false

By | February 27, 2018

USING THE command-line (CL) is scary for many computer users especially those using Linux. All effort is wielded to avoid it as much as possible. One major reason for this trend is that many of such users are coming from using an operating system (OS) where important stuffs were done point-and-click style using only the… Read More »

THE LINUX FILE SYSTEM – Part 1: Introduction

Most of the activities carried out by a computer user revolve around files – ranging from pictures, music, videos, documents, and the likes. And it is very important to be able to locate and mange files easily. So in this post and the next to follow w would be examining the Linux file system and… Read More »

Setting Clock (time) On The Command Line

Setting the clock of your system is of prime importance to PC (computer) users all over. This is usually necessary for those Linux users running in a text-based command line interface. Most times a regular internet convention can make this a bliss, as Linux automatically updates its date and time (clock) online especially when it… Read More »

GUI vs. CLI: the more you look less you see

With the advent of very polished desktops environments like gnome, cinnamon, unity and KDE, the importance of the command line interface in Linux has not yet diminished one bit. Many new users coming to Linux tend to abhor the use of the command line especially those coming from OSes like windows where the command prompt… Read More »