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Surf the Internet Safely using Tor

By | February 20, 2017

With the internet super-highway becoming filled with every dick and harry (including the ones that intend to cause harm to others), there is need for privacy and anonymity to be on the front burner of any user. In this post I’d be talking about about how to remain anonymous and maximize your privacy as you… Read More »

Making money from Open Source Software

By | February 15, 2017

Open source is no longer associated just with low cost. In fact, if one looks at the world of Linux and open-source closely enough, one would discover creative and profitable ways of having an active and feasible enough revenue stream, which further fuels development and innovation in the area. At the crux of open-source development,… Read More »

What I expect in Desktop Linux/FOSS this 2017

By | February 14, 2017

Linux (and FOSS) has gone beyond just an avenue to have a low-cost alternative to expensive proprietary operating system and software. Nobody (or maybe few people) would have expected that Linux would become relevant as it is right now in the tech world. There have been in recent years the warm embrace of Linux and… Read More »

Everybody does not have to be a programmer to use open source software, but…

By | February 2, 2017

One of the prides of the free and open source software development model has been the ability of individuals to modify software as a result of the availability if the source code of such software. This has led to many wonderful benefits in the FOSS community. It has reduced the development time of large and… Read More »

What is a PPA?

By | January 3, 2017

Before we go into the topic (PPA) of the post, I would like to enumerate the different sources for applications for a Ubuntu system organized into four separate areas or “components”, based on the level of support offered by Ubuntu and whether or not the program in question complies with Ubuntu’s Free Software Philosophy. The… Read More »

Introducing the Free and open source Community

By | November 24, 2016

  In the corporate proprietary world the development of software is restricted to the four walls of the the company/organization responsible. Here it is the organization that determines what is included or removed from the software. But in the Free and Open source software (FOSS) world it is tied to the community. The FOSS community… Read More »

System Monitoring and Management – Part 1: Hard Disk Usage.

By | October 13, 2016

To check the hard disk space (free and used) of your PC’S hard disk. Open the system tray and type Disk Usage Analyzer (for Ubuntu) or any such name in different distro.     On the disk usage analyzer in Ubuntu you should be able to see a hard drive with an Ubuntu logo and… Read More »

How to transit to a Free and Open Source operating system like Linux

By | October 7, 2016

There is no doubt that Linux is the best free/open source operating system (OS) out there. But we’re living in a Window-lized non-free country, and so a transition to a free operating system would not be a day job. And I’d like to share some lessons on how one can easily try (and probably move… Read More »

The Unification of Free and Open Source Software Package Distribution: a step in the right direction?

By | September 27, 2016

One thing that many newcomers to Linux discover when installing applications on their systems is that they’d always have to install directly from the internet – – most times. To add to the web of these technicalities, different distributions (distros) support different format for distributing and utilizing their applications (e.g. the .deb for Debian-based systems… Read More »