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System Monitoring and Management – Part 2: Central Processing Unit (CPU) Usage.

By | November 4, 2016

This is the second in a series of posts about how we can mange hardware resources under Linux. This post would focus on understanding the CPU. The central processing unit ( CPU, sometimes called the processor) is the “brain” of a computer system – it does most of the computer’s actual computing. If you have a working Linux system, it is very important to learn a great deal about your CPU.

System Monitoring and Management – Part 1: Hard Disk Usage.

By | October 13, 2016

To check the hard disk space (free and used) of your PC’S hard disk. Open the system tray and type Disk Usage Analyzer (for Ubuntu) or any such name in different distro.     On the disk usage analyzer in Ubuntu you should be able to see a hard drive with an Ubuntu logo and… Read More »