How to Disable Fast Start in Ubuntu-Windows Dual booting Setup.

By | December 31, 2020

And fix window 10 mounting problems in Ubuntu.

Microsoft Windows is one of the most popular operating systems that is dual-booted with Ubuntu Linux (in fact any Linux). Dual-booting is simply the process of installing at least two operating systems (OS) on the same hardware/disk but in separate partitions.

Normally, when Ubuntu is dual-booted with Windows (8 and 10), it is easily possible to access and modify windows files through the Linux file explorer system (which is available in most Linux). This is because of Linux ability to mount windows default files system (NTFS) natively. This is one feature, among many, that I find very useful as I can work with windows files right inside my Linux partition with ease.

There is a situation that arises in a fresh Windows10-Ubuntu dual-boot setup that prevents the mounting of the windows partition on Linux. it is as a result of the Windows 10 fast startup feature. 

Starting from Windows 8 and presently windows 10, the fast start feature was added to help speed up the windows booting process. It provides tour PC with the ability to boot windows 10 faster. How?

Shutting down your PC, with fast startup turned on, gives you the illusion that you are “truly” or entirely shutting down, but actually entering an advance form of hibernation (just that your session is not preserved).

So when in this state, the dual-booted Linux OS would still see the windows 10 installation as still being used (or mounted elsewhere) and hence can not mount its file system. Yeah, you get that correctly.

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Enabling Windows 10 fast startup leads to a blocking of the ability to mount the windows partition (file system) on Linux. so I’ll advice disabling it.

It is automatically enabled in a fresh install. so you should disable it immediately after a fresh install.

Let me show you how to disable the fast boot feature.


Log into your windows 10 system.


Right-click the start button.

Go to the Control Panel (you can search for it in the search input)

fast start 2 -


Click on Power Options.

fast start 3 -


Click Choose what power buttons do.

fast start 4 -


Click Change settings that are currently unavailable.


Unmark the Turn on fast startup by clicking on it.

Click Save changes.

fast start 5 -


So to verify this you can log out from your windows OS and log into Ubuntu. try some file (or directory) manipulations like creating, copying, moving or deleting without any mounting/access error.

There you have it!

 Happy Linux’G!

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