5 Top Privacy and Security Linux Distributions

By | September 28, 2019
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Security is one aspect that computer users can not run away from nowadays. The recent data breaches of many internet companies have exposed many users to the dire need for more internet privacy protection.

With the penetration of the internet to all nooks and crannies of the globe, there is also an increasing desire to track it’s users by governments, e-commerce/advertising companies and fraudsters alike.

One of the prime reason Linux is attractive to many is that it is a relatively secure OS by default. Being a free (open-source) software many developers all over the world ensure that it is secure and free from security bugs. And when these bugs are found they are fixed faster than in any other OS.

The five Linux distros highlighted here are specifically focused on security and anonymity (privacy) with additional security tools built-in.


Qubes OS is referred to as the most secure operating system (OS) out there. Its basic operating principle is based on security by compartmentalization; where each program is executed in individual containers (or “qubes”) that can interact with each other. These qubes run on a virtualization software called the Xen hypervisor.

When one qube is compromised the rest part of the system remain unaffected. Each qube is colour-coded, so that you know what particular qube you’re working from. Qubes OS also provides full disk encryption.

Download Qubes OS.


The Amnesic Incognito Live System, aka TAILS, is a privacy-focused Linux OS based on Debian. Tails is a live system in that it can be installed and run from a USB flash, memory card or DVD.

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It automatically routes all traffic through the tor network to ensure anonymity and privacy.

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When the system is shut down all the session’s data and files are automatically deleted, leaving no trace on the host system and vice versa.

Download TAILS.


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Parrot Security OS is not just a system that does not just protect your anonymity, but can also be used for penetration test of security systems. Parrot has more than a thousand security tools for both security offence and defence.

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Download Parrot Security.


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Whonix is built to run from inside a virtual machine – like VirtualBox. So any operating system that can run virtual-box can install whonix. Whonix is made up of two parts: the gateway and workstation. Whonix ensures that all communication of the “work-station” is routed through tor that is available in the “gateway”.

Many privacy tools are available in Whonix that can ensure to a certain degree you remain anonymous online. Whonix can be combined with Qubes OS (Qubes-Whonix) for additional layer of security.

Download Whonix.


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This is a Linux distribution that is based on the Xubuntu Linux, that gives a reasonable amount of anonymity and privacy. It is run on the RAM of the host computer, and all data is wiped (lost) after a shut-down. Like most other Linux Distros we have considered, Kodachi can be installed and booted from a DVD or USB stick or drive.

The OS is bundled with tor, a VPN and DNCrypt and many other cryptographic tools that you can use to ensure the privacy of your emails, files and instant messaging by encrypting them.

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Download Kodachi Linux.


Some other Security-focused Linux distributions you can try are;


Head OS

There you have it, the privacy Linux distributions. If you have used other privacy/security-based Linux systems please let us know in the comments below.

Happy Linux’NG!

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  1. Christian

    There is also Heads if one needs one working with 32bit machine and likes Tails. Btw is FossNaija on Mastodon?


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