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Linux installation: Dual-booting with Windows 7

In a previous post I showed how you can install a Linux distro using the VMware virtualization software. In this post we would do the same thing, but this time installing directly to the computer hard drive along side windows (7). There are some things that should be put in mind first. First make sure… Read More »

6 Things to do after installing Ubuntu 14

1. Connect to the Internet This is the golden rule (in my humble opinion) of using Linux. Almost everything revolves around Linux being connected to the internet – from updating, downloading softwares to using FOSS social networks. So this is the first thing you should ensure is working on your system before every other processes… Read More »

Install any Linux operating system using VMware

There are two methods that, as a new Linux user, you can choose; using a virtualization software (VirtualBox, VMware etc) or partitioning your hard drive (i.e. installing alongside windows). Or if you have a spare computer to spare (which I doubt) you could use the whole hard disk to install Linux. It is advisable to… Read More »

10 common terms every Linux user should know

Distro: it is a shortened word for ‘distribution’; and a distribution is a particular brand of GNU/Linux operating system – like Redhat, Fedora, Ubuntu, and Debian. Shell: this is the program that reads your command input and runs the specified commands. The dollar sign (`$’) preceding the cursor is called the shell prompt; it tells… Read More »